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2 Jumbo Permanent Markers Assorted Colour

2 permanent Fabric Marker Pens

8 Multi-Coloured Permanent Markers

2 Fabric Pens & Name Labels

3 Super Gel Highlighters

4 Permanent Markers Bullet Tip

3 Chunky Dry-Wipe Board Markers

4 Black Permanent Markers Chisel Tip

4 Chunky Highlighters Assorted Neon Colours

4 Permanent Markers Chisel Tip

2 Whiteboard Markers & Eraser

2 Twin Tip CD/DVD Marker Pens

3 Double-Ended Highlighters, 6 Colours

3 Magnetic Drywipes with Erasers

5 Rapid Dry Permanent Markers

5 Bright chisel tip Highlighters

4 Dry-Wipe Markers Asstd Colours & all Black

2 Gold & Silver Markers

4 Dry-Wipe Markers (Black only)

Twin Tip CD/DVD Marker Pen

4 Chunky Highlighters Assorted Pastel Colours

5 Pastel chisel tip Highlighters

8 Pastel Coloured Permanent Markers

8 Black Permanent Markers


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