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Parcel/Kraft 8M X 50cm

Parcel/Kraft wrap 4M x 70cm

80 Wage Packets 100 x 110 mm

3 Balls of White String

60m ball of Green Garden String

100m ball of White String

Bubble Wrap 4 metre x 300mm

Bubble Wrap 2 Meter x 600mm

Bubble Wrap 8 Metre x 600mm

Small Pop Up Mailing Boxes 270x180x105mm

Med Pop Up Mailing Boxes 347x247x157mm

Large Pop Up Mailing Boxes 447x347x157mm

World Pop Up Mailing Boxes 475x258x150mm

60 metre Ball of Natural String

3 E Mailer Bags Large 320 x 440mm

48 Post Cards 140 x 100

3 Board Envelopes 265 x 350mm

6 Board Envelopes 175 x 250mm

Parcel Wrap Set

80 Money Wallets 70 x 105mm

2 E Mailer Bags Extra Large 640 x 880

6 E Mailer Bags Medium 240 x 320

A7 Documents Enclosed 25 Pack

A6 Documents Enclosed 20 Pack

12 E Mailer Bags Small 160 x 230mm


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