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5000 No 26/6 Staples

Scissors 10" Multi Purpose S/S

Scissors 8.5" Multi Purpose

Large Stapler & 1000 26/6 Staples

Heavy Duty Desk Stapler & 1000 26/6 Staples

300 Gold Colour, Domed Drawing Pins

Metallic Stapler & 500 26/6 staples

100 Drawing Pins on Blister card

2 x 1000 No 26/6 Staples

Stapler With 500 No 26/6 staples

Scissors 5.5" Multi Purpose

Coloured elastic Bands 100gm

Original Elastic Bands 100gm

Elastic Bands 30gm Assorted Colours

Large Magnifying Glass

Push Pins Appx 50, Assorted Colours.

Paper Clips Assorted, Approx. 120

Drawing Pins Assorted Colours, Approx. 120

100 Jumbo Paperclips Assorted Colours

Metallic 2 Hole Punch assorted Colours

10 Assorted Binder Clips, Assorted sizes

2 Hole Paper Punch Assorted Colours

Binder Clips 6 x 19mm

Mini Stapler and Staples.

Split Pins 50x20mm

Treasury Tags 20x55mm

Heavy duty elastic bands


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